About Us

Jenny Yates... Browndale site owner and founder

Jenny Yates – Known in Browndale as June Dennis. Born in Hamilton, Ontario. Lived in the Loyal True Blue and Orange Home from the age of two to age 8. Entered Brown Camps July 6 1966. After a short stay at Main House, June moved to Muskoka Lodge until the fall of 1967. This was followed by three years in Peel County when she was moved to Cranberry Farm in Haliburton in the fall of 1970. June left Browndale in the summer of 1971. However she returned to Browndale in 1974 as junior staff in Newmarket and then at Muskoka Lodge.  June remained within the Browndale structure until the completion of high school at which time she  became full staff in Muskoka. June married Bob Yates, Muskoka Resource staff Dec 1977 . June and Bob left  Browndale with the arrival of their first child in Nov 1978.

June moved her family to Florida in 1986, after the death of Bob  where she raised  four children. After 20 years  she moved her family back to Canada and now lives in Mississauga. August 2006 June legally changed her name to Jenny Carol Yates.


Gerrit Logher Webmaster

Gerrit Logher- known in Browndale as Jerry Logher. Gerrit entered Browndale August, 1968. He lived at Muskoka Lodge for two years before moving to the house in Huntsville where he lived for one year before leaving Browndale late in the summer of 1971.

Gerrit decided to help in  taking part setting up this site because he felt that no attention was being given to the Browndale experience and history and that with all the things and info to be had on the net, nothing could be found over Browndale, save the MSN Board. Considering how much time was spent by the Brown family in setting up a care center for children with the intention of giving kids a better place to be, and all the staff that spent so many hours taking care of the kids and all the kids that passed through Browndale it was only right that someone should take on the task to give the history and people of Browndale a place on the net.