History Shortform 3

1971 - Debby Brown, Barry Reiman, and Naomi Rae-Grant instrumental in initial stages of Ontario Association of Children's Mental Health Services

Sep.1971- Browndale International begins program in U.S.A.

1972 - Barry Reiman first President of Ontario Association of Children's Mental Health Services Browndale International opens Program in Ann Arbour, Mich.

Sept. - First in Ontario Legal History!  Browndale wins  case- in

1973 - Supreme Court of Ontario, Court of Appeal, re operating residential homes within the community Barrie, Ontario, uses zoning bylaws to veto treatment houses

1974 - 1976

1977 - First Browndale transitional classroom opened in Minesing Public School, Barrie Region

1978 - Second Browndale transitional classroom opens at Regent Public School, Midland

1979 - Browndale Academic Teacher (Sec. 28) placed at Assikinack School, Barrie Oct. Central Office moved to 150 Placer Court, Willowdale, Ont.

1979 - North Bay program closes due to cutbacks in budget Regionalization of programs takes place :

1979/1980 - Phasing in of new Community Board of Directors

Jan.- Third Transitional classroom at Wyebridge  Public School, Midland

Sep.1980 - Browndale Work/Study program opens at Midland Secondary School

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