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Much attention has been given to the children of Browndale so long thought has gone into how to recognize the many staff that worked at Browndale. For most staff it was 24/7/365. For the majority it was much more than long hours and endless days. They gave so much more of themselves than just time. They took care of us in every way a parent would and in many cases better than our own parents were capable of doing. True not all were loving and caring but the vast majority were good people with warm, kind hearts. Staff didn’t just eat meals with us they cooked the meals as well. They took us shopping, did our laundry and sewed our favourite clothes when they were torn. Staff played Santa, hid Easter eggs and always threw a good birthday party. They played hockey, football, soccer and the silly games we made up. They made sure we had all the latest board games. They helped us with homework and always went to parent’s night and clapped at  school plays. Staff slept with us when we were scared, held us when we were angry and took all the abuse we could dish out. They never forgot to laugh. They lived everyday with us as if it were their own. They gave up their freedom to try and give us a life in the community instead of the jails and hospitals for that we say thank you.


Here you can leave behind the names of the staff that were special to you. You may list as many as you please. Perhaps you can find a staff name you knew.





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