John and Debby Brown

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Debby Brown, dedicated wife  and Mother to John Brown and their five children: Nedra,  John, (affectionately referred to as John –John by everyone) Rachael, Kari and Norah.

Debby started at Warrendale in the late 50’s with her  MA  as a psychiatric caseworker from the School of Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. Debby also  took a position with the Jewish Family and Child Service in Toronto, but remained at Warrendale where she became a key figure in the organization and running of BrownCamps and then Browndale.  Debby worked in every aspect of the agency's growth, from child care worker to director of individual treatment. She shared in the setting up of both Redstone and Liz Brown camps, and was instrumental in not only the growth of BrownCamps but made the transition into Browndale smooth.  Debby along with Barry Reiman and Naomi Grant worked tirelessly on the bill for the Ontario Association of Children’s Mental Health Services, allowing parents to get help for their children without having to give up their rights. Debby also remained active with the JFCS and acted as a Field Instructor for the University of Toronto of Social work.